We are phoelich philm!

Film isn't what it used to be!

Once, it was a strip of celluloid. Today, to most of us, film is HDTV, Youtube, Vimeo, 2K, 4K...!
30 years ago, when we started Phoelich Film & TV productions, we immediately recognized the potential of digital technology. We were, for instance, one of the first firms in the Netherlands that transitioned from the traditional film and video editing to digital systems. Not because we wanted to have every new gadget, but because we knew these tools would better support us creatively, technically and economically. That is how we assess the new (social) media as well: we determine if and how we can use it to deliver the content to the intended audience as effectively as possible. Storytelling with moving images and sound, presented on the most suitable platform, whether on a TV, a Smartphone or in a cinema, that is what we do.
That is phphilm!


Formerly: Phoelich film & TV productions

Since my name is Phoebe Phoelich and I love film making and the prefix "phil-" means: love for.. or dedication to.. than phphilm says it all, not?


Phoebe Phoelich


*comes from ancient Greek: philos (φιλειν) (as in: philosophy=love for wisdom)





Our company consists of a small but very experienced core of professionals. We typically work with a select pool of young and talented free-lancers. That collaboration keeps us sharp, but surely they learn from us too!


Watching a movie or documentary, to me, is like reading a good book or an interesting magazine. It must touch me or teach me and preferably both. I always approach our own productions with that in mind.

Margreet Ottes, office producer.


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